Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Ambassador Chávez expresses her satisfaction with the reduced incidence of Ebola


New York, 13th August 2015.- During the Security Council session relating to Security and Peace in Africa, specifically regarding the subject of Ebola, María Gabriela Chávez, Alternate Permanent Representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations, expressed her satisfaction with the reduced incidence of this virus that has mainly affected the peoples of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
“We would like to express our satisfaction with the most recent WHO reports, which show a significant reduction in the incidence of the outbreak, after the declaration of Liberia as an Ebola-free territory last May, while in Sierra Leone and Guinea three new cases were identified at the start of this week. We congratulate the peoples and Governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea for the results achieved after a hard, continuous fight of over a year.” observed María Gabriela Chávez.
Other participants in this meeting were the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy on Ebola, David Nabarro; Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization; Ambassador Téte António, African Union Permanent Representative to the United Nations; Ambassador Per Thöresson, on behalf of the Peacebuilding Commission; and Mosoka Fallah, Ebola Emergency-Response Program Manager at Action Contre la Faim (ACF).
The Venezuelan diplomat pointed out that the outbreak of this virus has drastically affected numerous Western African countries and has required international action to overcome the crisis generated in various sectors.
“The seriousness of this health problem has necessitated a comprehensive, multidimensional approach from the international community involving international, regional and national institutions as well as diverse economic and social sectors.  International mobilisation has been in the form of diverse contributions of support to tackle the devastating consequence of this pandemic. Venezuela made a generous contribution to the United Nations’ multinational fund in response to Ebola”.
Ambassador Chávez stated that the international community’s priority should be the recovery of the affected countries’ economic sectors. “It is essential to deal with the structural causes of the crisis in the search for a fairer, more just model since the pre-eminence of a poverty-inducing, excluding, capitalist system is unsustainable over time and is the main cause of the existing imbalance in the world, of which Southern countries are precisely the main victims”.
On the other hand, the Venezuelan Ambassador congratulated the international organisations and institutions that have contributed to the disaster response with their volunteers, in particular the 450 Cuban doctors who gave humanitarian support to the affected nations.
She emphasised the need to improve health protocols at an international level, and “the creation of early warning systems and transfer of the latest technology for free, accessible, no-charge public health as a basic human right, giving particular priority to prevention and education."