Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Committee on Decolonization unanimously adopted resolution on self-determination of Puerto Rico


The delegation of Cuba to the United Nations presented a draft resolution that was later adopted by consensus, in which it claims for the need of the United Nations General Assembly to address the situation in Puerto Rico and to request the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera.
“We demand the release, without delays, of the Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, who has been imprisoned for more than 35 years in a US detention center for his fight for the independence of Puerto Rico,” said Humberto Rivera Rosario, representative of Cuba.
This resolution was presented in the framework of the sessions of the United Nations Committee on Decolonization, where more than 58 organizations took the floor to request this UN body to review the current situation of the Caribbean island, although this is not part of the list of non-self-governing territories.
During this session, Maria Lourdes Santiago, representative of the Puerto Rican Independence Party, proposed that Rafael Ramirez, in his capacity as Chairman of the Committee on Decolonization, acts as good officer to promote dialogue between the United States and Puerto Rico to discuss the island’s political status; this proposal was supported by the delegations of Cuba and Venezuela.