Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Foreign Minister at the UN: Factic powers pretend to deny our people their right to future


The Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Delcy Rodriguez Gomez, said this Thursday, at the United Nations, that Venezuela has a model that promotes and guarantees human rights, which has been under attack of the international right serving imperial factors.
"Venezuela has a model that guarantees, promotes, and protects human rights. In spite of the difficulties, Venezuela has managed to show big progress in different human rights branches”, explained Rodriguez at her statement at the High-Level Debate on Human Rights.  
She mentioned that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is one of the first countries of the international community that fully complies with the Millennium Development Goals and the reduction of inequalities.

She stressed how important is for Venezuela to preserve and enforce the fundamental rights of the citizens. “We profoundly believe in peace as a fundamental right that goes beyond human rights, in an independent, progressive and universal way; without neglecting the right to a homeland and to the future of the peoples”.

At the same time, she reiterated the importance of the respect for self-determination of the peoples, a principle enshrined in the United Nations. In this context, she denounced that “today, there are violations of the principle of self-determination of the people of Venezuela that decided and chose an inclusive model of development for the majority of the population”.

Ms. Rodriguez said that Venezuela is at the forefront of the process for reduction of inequalities in the region, contrary to the global trend where the gap between rich and poor gets wider every time.

The Head of Diplomacy for Peace called for the international community to join efforts in the field of human rights “to better understand that Venezuela can turn into a sad mistake of the action of foreign powers that, through attacks and multiple aggressions, pretend to deny our people and future generations their rights.”

She also urged the international community to reflect on the human rights inequalities that prevail in the world, considering that there are entire regions and people whose rights get massively violated. “Our permanent tribute to the people of Palestine whose human rights are severely violated every minute”.