Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Led by Dudamel, the Simon Bolivar Orchestra offered a "Concert for Peace" at the UN


On Monday, the headquarters of the United Nations (UN), located in New York, USA, served as a concert hall for the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, led by Venezuela’s own Gustavo Dudamel.
This musical event was titled "Concert for Peace", and counted on iconic interpretations such as "Alma Llanera" (Soul of the Plains) and "Mambo", among others; an event that brought about strong applause from the diplomats present.
"On behalf of President Nicolas Maduro Moros, the youth model from the United Nations - Venezuelan Chapter, and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, we wanted to honor the theme that has brought us together today through an open debate at the Security Council: peace, stability, and international security through respect for international rights," said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Delcy Rodriguez, prior to the concert.
She stressed that the best way to show Venezuela’s appreciation and commitment to peace is through the presence of goodwill ambassadors who go around the world to inspire a culture of peace, and that through music one can overcome bigotry, hatred, extreme violence, and terrorism. "It's the culture of peace that brings these guys to the United Nations today".
Rodriguez thanked the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, as well as representatives and ambassadors from the organization’s international community.
A culture of peace
The Venezuelan diplomat said that thanks to the support of Commander Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian government of President Nicolas Maduro, 440 centers have been created across the country and nearly 1,400 bands have played in over 50 countries worldwide.
In addition, the maestro Gustavo Dudamel was referred to as "our best ambassador in the world. When maestro Dudamel takes out his baton across the world, he is making the best of the creative powers of the people of Venezuela [...] from our soul we pay this tribute to the United Nations and look forward to decisively contributing towards a world where peace is what leads the destiny of our independent and sovereign countries."