Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Minister Delcy Rodríguez signed historic Paris Agreement at the UN


Delcy Rodríguez, Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, in representation of Venezuela, on Friday 22 April at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

In a historic ceremony, 171 countries signed the document that seeks to limit the global temperature rise to 2°C within 2020, through the reduction of carbon emissions of participant countries.

During her statement that followed the signing of the Paris Agreement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that “it is the historic time to save the planet earth and the human species”.

Rodriguez revealed her concerned about the small island states that experience real and constant threats due to the increase of sea levels, therefore putting some island states at risk of being completely submerged.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan minister affirmed it is necessary to change the capitalist model that promotes the destruction of the planet and the human species, just as Hugo Chavez, leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, stated during the Copenhagen Summit in 2009 “Let’s change the system, not the climate!”.