Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Minister Rodríguez presented Venezuela’s truth to the OAS


The Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Delcy Rodriguez, took part in an extraordinary session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) last Thursday, in which she “presented the truth about Venezuela, its government and its people! With Bolivar and Chavez, we shall triumph!”

The Venezuelan diplomat arrived in Washington, following a request by representatives of Venezuela to the Chair of the organ, Juan Jose Arcuri, following the Foreing Minister’s claim that the United

States had denied visas for the staff that was to attend several events at the OAS. In this regard, she stated that in the case of the participation in multilateral events whose headquarters are located in the United States, the Embassy of the United States “cannot refuse to grant visas, otherwise, they are compelled to facilitate the process.”

During her remarks, Minister Rodriguez denounced the interventionists and interfering attacks carried out by the Government of the United States of America against the country; as well as all media, financial, economic, and social threats that aim at undermining the constitutional and democratic order in Venezuela.

“With the help of the General Secretariat of OAS, there have been attempts at presenting to the world that Venezuela is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. […]. Major communication corporations have dedicated their time to make public an alleged financial collapse and fake the truth of Venezuela; leaving no room to present the truth. Such is the case of The Washington Post, which has published 6 editorials against Venezuela during the last 30 days, this is a world record” explained the Minister.

At the same time, she expressed that Venezuela will not consent that “any country (especially the United States) interferes in the land of Bolivar. Extraterritoriality has no name other than a blatant violation of the sovereign ownership of States […]. The people of Venezuela are a wall of ethics and morality that will not allow the interventionism in our homeland”.

Solidarity with the peoples of the world

Rodriguez expressed her gratitude with the solidarity and support of the peoples of the world regarding the decree of the US Government, in which Venezuela is considered a threat. “The decree issued by the Government of the United States against Venezuela is a violation of international law. It is irrational to think that our country, that does not have warlike resources, may pose a threat for the United States or any other country.”

Likewise, she thanked the support of ALBA-TCP: “today rejected the US Senate law for the imposition of sanctions against our country.”

Imperialist Attack

The Head of the Bolivarian Diplomacy for Peace explained that “there is a historical arrogance that pretends to rule over our nations; it is not mere rhetoric, it is a reality”. She pointed out that one of the main trace of the political exercise of US power is its double standard, and there is evidence of its violation of the international law “not only against Venezuela, but also against other countries in the world”.

She mentioned that 2008 signed the international financial aggression against Venezuela, and in spite of the financial boycott, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been internationally recognized by UNESCO and FAO, thanks to the Government of Commander Hugo Chavez, who worked in the inclusion of subdued peoples.

Moreover she denounced the attacks of the US government aimed at promoting shortages in Venezuela: “It is a shame that in this multilateral world, unilateral factual powers pretend to impose themselves to overthrow governments […] Imperial centers of power demonstrate every day their attacks against international and local rule of law.”

Rodriguez addressed the Secretary General of the Organization of American States in order to reject and denounce “his role of non-impartiality when it comes to Venezuela, by joining the Venezuelan opposition and the US Government in its agenda”.

“It is not casual that while the opposition representatives met the Secretary General of the Organization of American States and the US Senate, the sanctions against Venezuela were renewed.”

Following the remarks of the US Ambassador to the organization, the Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez referred to the fee the United States provides the OAS, “it should be charged from the resources taken from the peoples of the Americas throughout the years”.

The Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace prevails

The Venezuelan diplomat pointed out that during this decade in revolution, the democracy in Venezuela has been evidenced. “The democracy implemented in our country, mainly by its people, is widely known; a genuinely democratic State is one that constitutionally supports and promotes human rights” she said.

She declared that in December 2014, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, called for peace, and mentioned that although imperial forces pretend to overthrow the

Bolivarian Revolution, “they will not be able to do so, we are accompanied by the moral strength of our liberators”.

"From 1999 to 2016, every plan and attack against the homeland of Bolivar has failed; our Government has always ensured peace! The dignity of the peoples cannot be destroyed with manipulations, reason why those attempts continue to fail in Venezuela”.

In this context, she demanded the Government of the United States to address the political and ideological differences in an amicable way. “We call the member States of the OAS to reflect on the gravity of the fact that a State pretends to overthrow a popularly elected Government”, and urged the organization to work as an arena for dialogue between CELAC and North America.