Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Rafael Ramírez: Solving the Palestine situation is essential for peace in the region


There will be no peace or stability in the Middle East until the Palestine Question has been peacefully resolved

New York, 26th January 2016.- This Tuesday, the United Nations Security Council held an Open Debate to reassess the situation in the Middle East, including the occupation of Palestine by Israel, a conflict that has a history of over 70 years.
The Permanent Representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations, Rafael Ramírez, focused his speech on the situation of Palestine, considering it essential for peacebuilding in the whole region, where violence against the inhabitants of the occupied territories continues.
“Everything appears to indicate that the warnings of this Council to the Israeli government calling for an end to the illegal occupation, with the violations of both human rights and International Humanitarian Law, and to bring the sides to the negotiating table will not be transformed into specific actions that will allow a reversal of this complex situation. It is evident that there is a lack of political will to solve the Palestine Question”.
During the Open Debate, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, presented the report on the situation in the Middle East.
Ramírez referred to the number of Palestinians, over 15 thousand people, who had been injured by Israeli occupation forces during 2015. To this figure must be added the countless victims of humiliation, ill-treatment and unjustified arrests by the Israeli police.
“The number of Palestinian men, women and children who are humiliated, assaulted, persecuted, and unjustly arrested by means of administrative detention continues to increase; they find themselves attacked by the Israeli police or military forces whose repressive action is one expression of the prolonged military occupation and of the colonisation policy for the territory. We support the demand that Israel liberate Palestinian children.” affirmed the Venezuelan diplomat.
Rafael Ramírez expressed his rejection of the actions perpetrated by the power occupying Palestine which have caused such pain and suffering among the civil population and urged the Security Council to fulfil its peacekeeping and international security responsibilities.
“Faced with this situation, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela raises its voice to join those of so many others around the world demanding that the Security Council take a proactive role in this case, in consonance with the responsibilities that the Charter bestows regarding peacekeeping and international security, which allow the Palestine Question to be addressed with determination and a sense of justice. This issue is, therefore, a matter of Israel - once and for all -  ceasing its hostilities, ending the occupation and sitting down to negotiate in good faith with the Palestinians regarding a definitive, inclusive, negotiated, political solution to the conflict within the framework of a two-State solution, accepting the right of the Palestinians to live within internationally recognised borders, in accordance with the United Nations Charter and the relevant General Assembly and Security Council resolutions.”
Ramírez described some of the speeches given by Security Council members at the Open Debate as ambivalent and urged countries with influence over the parties to increase their efforts in order to guarantee a real negotiation that would return to the task of finding a solution for the two States.