Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Ramírez: Host countries for police contingencies must not be under UN tutelage forever


New York 13th November 2015.-Before a session of the United Nations Security Council held on Friday, the Permanent Representative of Venezuela, Rafael Ramírez, emphasised that the success of peace missions depends to a large extent on actions intended to protect civilians, guarantee the rule of law and transfer responsibilities and competencies to the host country.
“This is an issue that is closely linked to the sovereignty of the countries that host peace missions. These countries cannot be supervised by the United Nations forever” affirmed Ramírez.
Ramírez praised the actions of the MINUSTAH mission that worked in Haiti, highlighting the significant initiative of incorporating local personnel to the contingents in order to guarantee interaction with the civilian population.
“One of the main challenges of this mission was to recruit national personnel with a vocation to serve, with a respect for human rights and the rule of law who were not vulnerable to becoming involved with organized crime and international crime.”
On the issue of gender equality of the personnel in police forces, Ramírez noted the importance of including women, above all for the protection of other women and children who are the main victims of sexual abuse in conflicts.