Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Ramírez: Venezuela insists on political dialogue to resolve conflict in Syria


Tomorrow the United Nations Security Council will hold a meeting to assess the political situation in Syria following talks held in Geneva between the government and the opposition, which had been suspended for three weeks, according to the findings by the Special Envoy of the Secretary General, Staffan de Mistura.
Rafael Ramirez, Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the United Nations, who holds the presidency of the Security Council of the UN during the month of February, said that this body supports political dialogue to resolve the conflict.
As representative of the country, Ramirez said that Venezuela broadly supports the political process and questions the Syrian opposition’s attempt to impose conditions for a solution to the situation.
"We are in agreement with having a dialogue without preconditions, and the most important thing is that those countries that have influence not only in the government but also with the opposition, have commitment and confidence in the negotiations."
Ramirez insisted that the situation in Syria cannot be attained by military means, which is why Venezuela insists on moving forward with negotiations for a diplomatic solution.