Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Security Council holds closed meetings on Thursday


On Thursday, the United Nations Security Council held a closed meeting to address a few points, including the Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA) and a report from the Sudan Sanctions Committee.
Additionally, under the category of other issues, the current situation in Guinea-Bissau was discussed as well as a proposed trip for the Security Council trip to West Africa.
This was announced by Rafael Ramirez, Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the United Nations, in his capacity as President of the Security Council during the month of February.
Concering the UNRCCA, Ramirez said that members of the Security Council expressed their commitment and support for the work that Petko Draganov, Special Representative of the Secretary General, has done for the organization, and the need to prevent conflicts concerning the situation in Afghanistan and the Daesh activity in the Middle East.
With regards to the report of the Committee on Sudan (Darfur), of which Ambassador Ramirez is president, he said that during a lengthy discussion the members of the Security Council expressed their disagreement between the national positions of some of the representatives.
Among the topics discussed concerning other matters, a report was received from Taye Brook Zerihoun, Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs in the United Nations, who provided information about the political situation in Guinea-Bissau.
Ramirez indicated that a request to hold a meeting with the Permanent Representative of Guinea-Bissau to the United Nations was proposed and establish contact with Antonio Patriota, Permanent Representative of Brazil, who chairs the Peacebuilding Commission, to get their perspective on the political situation in the country.