Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Security Council passes Resolution to fight against the financing of terrorism


There is only one kind of terrorism, which must be unequivocally prevented, combatted and eliminated

New York 17th December 2015.- During a meeting of the United Nations Security Council held this Thursday, Rafael Ramírez, Permanent Representative of Venezuela at this multilateral forum highlighted the unity and teamwork done to pass Resolution 2253/2015 to prevent and supress the financing of terrorism.
Participants at this informative session included Jacob Lew, United States Secretary of the Treasury, as Chair of the Security Council; Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations; Je-Yoon Shin, President of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and Finance Ministers of the Security Council member delegations.
Ramírez highlighted that “when the appropriate political will exists, the Security Council acts effectively to fulfil its mandate. We hope that this spirit prevails to address and resolve important issues that, for years, have been awaiting the attention of this body".
The Venezuelan diplomat affirmed that one of the root causes of the expansion of terrorism in recent years has been the financial support of non-state actors used as destabilising elements, in connection with military interventions and interference in the internal affairs of States.
“For our country, the suffering and high cost in human life that has been paid by the peoples of Iraq, Libya and Syria due to an expansion of the barbarity and violence of terrorist groups is unacceptable”.
Ramírez stated that Security Council action in the fight against terrorism is fundamental and emphasised the need for joint efforts on the part of the international community.
“It is important that States boldly accept the fight against this scourge by means of full compliance with the provisions of the international instruments and Resolutions both of this Security Council and of the General Assembly that forbid the transfer of weapons to, the financing and training of and providing a safe haven for terrorist groups.”
The Venezuelan diplomat referred to the evolution of these organisations in generating economic resources in occupied territories by means of the illicit sale of hydrocarbons, kidnappings, plunder of financial institutions and artefact smuggling among other actions, which make the possession of financial intelligence fundamental to push ahead in the fight against terrorism.