Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Venezuela and NAM demand USA to end the economic and commercial blockade against Cuba


Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations, Rafael Ramirez, urged the United States to put an end to the economic and commercial blockade against Cuba, an isolation policy that has lasted more than five decades. During the session held at the UN General Assembly to promote a resolution against the financial embargo imposed on Cuba, Ramirez affirmed that “the defeat of the blockade is the moral and political victory of the people of this Caribbean island”
He added that this domination policy has had serious consequences on the people of Cuba; therefore, the delegation of Venezuela and the Non-Aligned Movement requested to defend the sovereignty and independence of the nation.

“US sanctions policies have been wrong and have revealed the political capability of the people of Cuba,” said the Venezuelan Ambassador.

He also explained that the Caribbean country is well-known for its solidarity and disinterested assistance to the brotherly nations, as evidenced by the Cuban doctors that have traveled the world to support the peoples that have been affected by catastrophes.