Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


Venezuela defends the sovereign right of countries to manage their natural resources


Rafael Ramirez, Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the United Nations, reiterated that Venezuela defends the sovereignty of nations in the management of their natural resources, according to what was stated in the 1962 General Assembly, resolution 1803, of that multilateral forum, reflecting the importance of using the funds in favor of national development and people's welfare.
"Our country, like many developing countries, are major producers of natural resources and these resources in our economies are a vital resource for stability. We believe that in no way the Security Council, let alone a sanctions committee, should affect the possibility that countries have the right to manage natural resources that we hope benefit their people," Ramirez said.
Ramirez made this statement in the context during a United Nations Security Council meeting where the renewal of the Sudan (Darfur) sanctions committee was approved, however Ramirez said that sanctions should be the last means of conflict resolution.
"Venezuela reaffirms that a peaceful solution is the only way to end the armed conflict in Darfur, through a direct and inclusive political dialogue between the conflicting parties, without preconditions, leading to stability, development and lasting peace in that country, in order to also put an end to the complex humanitarian situation resulting from this, "said the President of the Security Council, in his national position.