Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations

Photo Gallery

Press conference with President Chávez at the United Nations in 2005
Arrival of President Chávez at the United Nations Headquarters, 2006
The Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, at a press conference in the United Nations, 2009
PDVSA: Petroleum at the service of the people
The Venezuelan people: PDVSA belongs to the people
Riyadh 3 OPEC Summit: OPEC summit in Riyadh
Riyadh 4 OPEC Summit: President Chávez at the Riyadh OPEC Summit
Venezuela rally: “In Venezuela, after so many betrayals and frustrations, the phenomenon happened: the awakening of the Venezuelan people”
The leader of the Bolivarian revolution: “A maximum authority, after God, is you the people, and I will always obey you.”
"The Government is all around, because this is a revolution that is creating mechanisms of popular Government: the Government is the people!"
Chavez and the people: “The revolution is fuelled by the consciousness of a people”
Chavez and Ramirez: Hugo Chávez and Rafael Ramírez
Chavez 2006: “We cannot underestimate the tremendous strength of our peoples”