Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations

Nicolás Maduro Moros

Nicolás Maduro

Nicolás Maduro Moros was born in Caracas on 23rd November 1962. For his secondary education he attended the Liceo José Avalos. He joined the Liga Socialista (Socialist League). When he was very young, he began working as a driver in the Caracas Metro, where he would eventually become a member of the company’s Governing Committee, and became a union leader. Founder of SITRAMECA, the new Caracas Metro Trade Union.

He became a member of the Movimiento Bolivariano Revolucionario 200 (Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement 200, or MBR-200) and was a foremost activist for the liberation of Commander Chavez, who had been imprisoned for his participation in the military uprising of 1992. In those days, Maduro would hold clandestine meetings with social collectives who supported the revolutionary process.

He played an outstanding role in the National Leadership of the MBR-200 (1994-1997) and was national founder of the Fuerza Bolivariana de Trabajadores (Bolivarian Workers' Force, or FBT) of which he was National Coordinator.

Founder member of the Movimiento Quinta República (Fifth Republic Movement, or MVR), and Coordinator of the party’s Parliamentary Group between 2000 and 2001.

Coordinator of the parliamentary group of the Bloque del Cambio (Bloc for Change) in the National Assembly and Member of the Congress of the Republic of Venezuela from 23rd January to 15th December 1999.

In the Congress of the Republic of Venezuela, Maduro was head of the MVR section and member of various permanent commissions.

Member of the Constitutional National Assembly between August 1999 and January 2000; president of the Commission for Citizen Participation and member of the Economic and Social Commission.

Elected Main Representative by the Federal District for the 2000-2005 five-year period. Maduro was Speaker of the National Assembly between January and August 2006, when he was appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs, from which post, along with Commander Hugo Chávez, he promoted the creation and consolidation of ALBA (2001), Petrocaribe (2005), Unasur (2008) and CELAC (2010).

On 10th October 2012, he was named Vice President of the Executive. On 8th March 2013, few days after President Chavez's physical death, Maduro was appointed, by constitutional mandate, Interim President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

On 14th April 2013, he was elected constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, thus becoming the first chavismo socialist president in contemporary Venezuelan history.


Know that I, Nicolás Maduro, accept Chavez’s sash to protect the people, to defend them, to push on with independence and to carry on his legacy

Nicolás Maduro