Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations


First Committee: Disarmament and International Security.

Responsible officials:

  • Alfredo Toro

Deals exclusively with matters of disarmament and other issues related with international security.

The First Committee begins its main work each year with a general debate on all areas of the programme related to disarmament and international security, and subsequently holds thematic debates on specific issues, with the presentation and examination of all resolution projects.

Second Committee: Economic and Financial Issues.

Responsible officials:

  • Cristiane Engelbrecht, coordinadora
  • Alessandro Pinto
  • Roberto Bayley

Deals exclusively with economic and financial issues.

The Second Committee holds an annual organisational session to examine the proposed distribution of work and examine the status of documentation for the new period of General Assembly sessions, in addition to debating its working methods for the period of sessions.

Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs

Responsible officials:

  • Ana Rodríguez, coordinadora
  • Robert Poveda
  • Marisela González
  • Fátima Fernáandes

Deals exclusively with social, humanitarian and cultural affairs.

Each year there is an informative meeting on the organisation of work for the General Assembly’s new period of sessions.

Fourth Committee: Special Political and Decolonisation

Responsible officials:

  • Yumaira Rodríguez
  • Lisbeth Cuauro

Deals with a variety of issues such as decolonisation, Palestinian refugees and human rights, peacekeeping, mine action, outer space, atomic radiation and the University for Peace.

Examines issues that affect peacekeeping and international security not covered by the First Committee.

Fifth Committee: Administration and Budgetary Matters.

Responsible officials:

  • Zael Fernández
  • César Chavarri
  • Beatriz Elena Salas

Deals exclusively with administrative and budgetary matters of the United Nations.

The Fifth Committee is the Committee of the General Assembly responsible for administrative and budgetary matters. Based on the Fifth Committee’s reports, the General Assembly considers and approves the Organisation’s budget in accordance with Chapter IV, Article 17 of the United Nations Charter.

Likewise, the Assembly considers and approves economic and budgetary agreements with specialised agencies, and makes recommendations to the corresponding organisations.

The Fifth Committee may also consider urgent matters related to the financing of peacekeeping missions authorised by the Security Council at any of its sessions.

Sixth Committee: Legal

Responsible officials:

  • Isaías Medina

The Sixth Committee is the primary forum for the consideration of legal questions in the General Assembly. All of the United Nations Member States are entitled to representation on the Sixth Committee, one of the assembly’s main commissions.

We are an independent voice, to represent dignity, the search for peace, and reformulation of the international system to denounce the persecution and aggressions of hegemony against the peoples of the planet.

Hugo Chávez