Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations

What the Mission is

The Mission of the Bolivarian Republic to the United Nations represents our country in this major multilateral forum, stating our position on international political issues and working in favour of the resolution of the conflicts that still persist in the 21st Century.

In Venezuela, we are certain of the necessity of establishing a multi-polar world, where nations coexist in peace, respecting the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples, their ethnicities, cultures and religions.

The departments that constitute the Headquarters of the United Nations are located in New York, as is the organization’s General Secretariat along with some other major institutions, such as: the General Assembly, the Security Council (of which Venezuela is a non-permanent member until the year 2016), the Economic and Social Council, and the Trusteeship Council which suspended its operation in 1994.

From the Mission of Venezuela to the United Nations, our work is based on the framework of the National Constitution; the “Plan de la Patria” – Government Programme 2013-2019, and the directives of the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs.

This Diplomatic Mission is the standard-bearer for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s international policy and voices the national position on the democratisation of the United Nations' system, to free the planet of hegemonic powers.

In accordance with the principles set out in the United Nations Charter, our Mission strives to achieve the equality of participation for nations in the search for a solution to existing conflicts, with the utmost adherence to sovereignty and respect for peoples.

We will take with us to the UN a voice that repudiates terrorism and speaks out in favour of world peace; that respects the sovereignty of peoples and boasts the credit of the 181 countries who voted for us, not as an imperialist power that conquers peoples, but with our Bolivarian vision of peace and the right to exist.

Nicolás Maduro